Volunteer Opportunities

  • Casual / Events

    Casual/Events volunteers aid the Centre in executing events successfully. Rainbow Resource Centre’s annual event cycle includes conferences, galas, golf tournaments, open-houses, community potlucks, and more. Casual/Event volunteers will be trained in event management roles including registration, merch sales, lottery management (ex. silent auction, 50/50), pledge collection, and greeting. Our pool of trained casual/events volunteers will sign up for event opportunities as they arise, and will be notified of volunteer opportunities with partnering community organizations.

  • Group Facilitator

    Group facilitators manage community-initiated groups at the Centre. Groups organize into one of three categories: social support (identity-based), working (task-based), and leisure (activity-based). They are responsible for scheduling, promoting, facilitating, and reporting on group meetings; for welcoming new group participants; for leading groups to maintain our shared spaces; and for liaising between their group and the Centre at large. Group facilitators are also invited to attend Centre events (ex. PPY Grad, LGBT Centre Day) as a representative of their group, or, coordinate the attendance of an engaged group participant. Group facilitators either invest their volunteer time in an existing group as a co-facilitator (granted they are recruiting for one), or, start their very own new group. Groups need a minimum of (2) groups facilitators to exist at Rainbow Resource Centre.

  • Rainbow Rep

    Rainbow Reps are Centre advocates that fulfill three core roles: hosting the Centre after hours during group meetings and programming; fulfilling requests from external organizations for a Rainbow Resource Centre info booth presence at their event, workplace, or school; and assisting the Fund Developer and Centre at large in fundraising initiatives where engaged Centre advocate(s) would add value.

  • Youth Programs

    Youth Program volunteers aid the Centre’s youth counsellors and programming coordinators in delivering core youth programs. Workshop topics include LGBT2SQ+ identities, allyship, health and wellness, and social justice.

  • Library

    The Rainbow Resource Centre Library is an affirming safer space in which diverse sexual and gender identities, orientations, and expressions are represented in a collection of materials that promote awareness and education about our community’s experiences. Library volunteers will maintain library organization, help visitors to navigate materials, take on projects to enhance the library, and promote library engagement at the Centre and in community.

  • Design It Yourself (Other / Students)

    DIY volunteer roles at the Centre are reserved for students or professionals looking to design and complete a custom post-secondary practicum or internship with Rainbow Resource Centre, and volunteers hoping to contribute to the centre in a unique way that is not reflected above. DIY volunteer opportunities will be granted to volunteers at the discretion of the Programming & Volunteer Coordinator based on current Centre capacity.