Welcome to Rainbow Resource Centre’s Opportunities Board – where individuals passionate about our province’s diverse LGBT2SQ+ community can review and apply for volunteer opportunities designed to strengthen it.

Marginalization of LGBT2SQ+ employees in the workforce hinder our vibrant community’s ability to reach their full potential as contributing and healthy citizens of this province. We are committed to building capacity from within; empowering our community with opportunities to network, skill-build, and enhance personal portfolios with meaningful experience and strategies to break through unjust barriers delaying personal success.

We are committed to gifting this province with driven and skilled LGBT2SQ+ community members and to showcase achievable heights for our youth to work towards.

If you have a specialized ability, talent, or idea you wish to share with Rainbow Resource Centre, in an alternative capacity than the postings listed below, we encourage you to reach out to our Programming Coordinator (programming@rainbowresourcecentre.org) to propose an alternative volunteer opportunity tailored to your unique, well, uniqueness.


1) Browse the currently-available volunteer opportunities. 

2) Submit your completed application form, resume & cover letter to programming@rainbowresourcecentre.org

If you are excited to apply, but are struggling with building your resume and cover letter, we encourage you to utilize, and customize the following template. In addition to this, you are welcome to request a consultation with our Programming Coordinator, to help you best present your knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Cover Letter and Resume Template

This template can be adapted to other employment or volunteer opportunities you choose to apply for outside our organization, so feel free to save it for later!

3) Once our Programming Coordinator has reviewed your application, you will be contacted with either an opportunity to interview, or a notification that the position has been filled.

4) If we have offered you the position of your choice, we will then schedule you for our Rainbow Volunteer Intake Training and provide you with a corresponding start-date.

Benefits of Volunteering

When volunteering with Rainbow Resource Centre, you can expect to improve your:

CONNECTION TO COMMUNITY: Whether you have LGBT2SQ+ lived experience or you’ve chosen this route as a means of living true allyship, volunteering at Rainbow Resource Centre guarantees you a direct and unwavering connection to our vibrant LGBT2SQ+ community.

PERSONAL EMPLOYABILITY: Our volunteers are trained with the same professionalism expected of our staff. Our volunteer application and selection process is designed to mimic current workforce standards as a means of low-pressure, practical experience. Our opportunities are designed with transferrable knowledge, skills, and abilities valued in various industries within Manitoba and beyond, with training and networking opportunities to match. To ensure you can best demonstrate your unique volunteer opportunity on your resume, our Programming Coordinator will provide you with individual consult and with a professional reference.

Training Information

Rainbow Volunteer Intake Training Sessions are conducted in September, January, and April (Monday evenings).

Role-Specific Training Sessions are TBD, based on volunteer availability and volunteer description details.

Volunteer Working Grp