Manitoba LGBT2SQ+ Organizations

These are some LGBT2SQ+ organizations in Winnipeg and Manitoba. Rainbow Resource Centre is not responsible for the content of these external websites.

  • Rainbow Directory

    The Manitoba Rainbow Directory is an up-to-date, comprehensive LGBT2SQ+ directory of organizations, businesses, services and individuals in Manitoba. This directory is maintained and updated by a community volunteer -- for further information or inquiries, please contact the volunteer directly through the contact information listed in the directory.

  • Manitoba LGBT* Chamber of Commerce

    The Manitoba LGBT* Chamber of Commerce exists to help build a strong Manitoba economy supported by, and supportive of, diverse communities.

  • Out There Winnipeg

    Out There Winnipeg (OTW) provides a healthy, inclusive, accessible and safe space for adult folks of the LGBTTQ* community and allies to meet, socialize, be active and have fun! Our sport and recreation activities include both cooperative and competitive environments that cater to everyone regardless of experience or skill level!

  • Pride Winnipeg

    The Pride Winnipeg Festival runs annually and consists of an array of cultural events that celebrate the incredibly diverse community that supports or identifies with gay, lesbian, transsexual, transgender, intersex, two-spirit, and queer people.

  • Reaching Out Winnipeg

    Reaching Out Winnipeg is a program that started in 2012 to promote resettlement of LGBT refugees and asylum seekers in Winnipeg and beyond.