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  • December 2023 Newsletter

    The December edition of Rainbow News is out now!

  • Over the Rainbow Creates Paper Quilt in Honour of World AIDS Day

    Over the Rainbow Creates Paper Quilt in Honour of World AIDS Day

  • Ashley Smith: From sharing history to being part of it, 2023 didn't hold back

    What a year! To think back on how 2023 started and how we’re bringing it to an end, as the first Director of Advocacy of Canada’s longest serving 2SLGBTQ+ resource centre, I have to say this year has been life-changing. From sharing history to being part of it, 2023 didn’t hold back!

  • Joey Moore: Bringing together trailblazers and future change makers

    This year, Intergenerational Programming has been brought back in full swing!

  • Noreen Mian: Rainbow has returned home

    We are home.

    In many ways, the move to 545 Broadway feels like a return to home. The queer community has deep roots in the West Broadway neighbourhood and we are honoured to share in the decades of community activism and history that have taken place within these four walls at 545 Broadway. As Rainbow’s 50th Anniversary year comes to a close, our reflections on the past 50 years of identity, advocacy and community have given rise to where we are now, proudly and unapologetically taking up space and launching the next 50 years of space, services and advocacy.

  • Evan Maydaniuk: Generous donors proved to be core of resilience

    As the Director of Development at Rainbow Resource Centre, I am honoured to reflect on the past year—a monumental milestone for our organization, marking 50 years of service to the 2SLGBTQ+ community.

  • November 2023 Newsletter

    The November edition of Rainbow News is out now!

  • Gala wraps up celebration of 50 years

    Short story, featuring Noreen's full speech from gala.

  • Finding Winnipeg's Bi+ Community

    "Bisexual people have a much harder time finding community and safe space. ... [E]ven when there's an established LGBTQ community, it's often not fully inclusive of bisexual-identified people."
    — Bisexual activist Robyn Ochs

    When Mandi (she/her) moved back to Winnipeg from Toronto, she struggled to find the connection and support in Winnipeg's bi+ community, which was a stark difference from the connection and support she'd found in Toronto. She knew she couldn't be the only one.

  • Drag Brunch on November 26th

    Get ready to savour the most delectable dishes crafted by the culinary virtuoso himself, Chef Wayne. And, of course, you'll be thoroughly entertained by the dazzling performances of the one and only Satina Loren, Orion Sbelt, Ruby Chopstix, and Traycee. The beats that'll keep your heart thumping will be dropped by none other than the sensational DJ, The Kaptain!