• Youth Programs at RRC

    RRC offers 2SLGBTQ+ youth a fun, positive space to learn new skills, create projects, and celebrate our identities. Programming focuses on fostering resilience, increasing self-esteem and self-confidence while building social networks, contacts, and peer support.

  • Camp Aurora

    Camp Aurora is Manitoba’s only 2SLGBTQ+ youth summer camp for youth aged 14 – 19 and has now been running for ten years! Camp Aurora offers the typical summer camp experience of outdoor activities, such as swimming, canoeing, and campfires, as well as identity-affirming, community building workshops in a positive and supportive environment. Camp Aurora is committed to providing a positive space for 2SLGBTQ+ and allied youth to explore identity, make meaningful connections, and feel a sense of belonging.

  • Affirmations Deck

    The Affirmations Deck was created by a group of queer and trans* youth involved with Planned Parenthood Toronto’s Filling in the Blanks: Queering SexEd project!  Each card features a statement to help youth feel seen, valued, and supported. The cards touch on A BUNCH of topics, including bodies, consent, gender, identity, healing/recovery, self-love, relationships, and more.

  • Everyone is Gay

    Everyone Is Gay works to improve the lives of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning/Queer (LGBTQ2S+) youth using a three-pronged approach: providing honest advice to these youth while keeping them laughing; talking to students across the country in an effort to create caring, compassionate school environments; and working with parents of LGBTQ2S+ kids to help foster an ongoing dialogue and deeper understanding.

  • Gender Spectrum

    Gender Spectrum helps to create gender inclusive environments for all children and teens. Don’t forget to visit the Gender Spectrum lounge! The Lounge is a space for teens, parents and professionals to connect with one another. The Lounge has a constant number of growing peer support groups.

  • I'm From Driftwood

    I’m From Driftwood aims to help LGBTQ people learn more about their community, straight people learn more about their neighbors and everyone learn more about themselves through the power of storytelling and story sharing.

  • Minus 18

    Minus 18 is Australia's largest youth led organization for LGBTQ+ youth. Take a peek at their website to find fantastic resources, rad advice, and stellar articles.

  • P.R.I.S.M. – Big Brothers and Big Sisters

    The first of its kind in Manitoba, the PRISM program matches children and youth who identify as LGBTTQ2IA* with an adult mentor who also identifies as LGBTTQ2IA* for a one on one mentoring relationship. Through regular outings, the match will foster a friendship that is supportive, empowering and fun!

  • Scarleteen

    Scarleteen is sex ed for the real world. This website has inclusive, comprehensive and supportive sexuality and relationships info for teen and emerging adults. Check out their online forums as well for a safer space to talk about sex and identity.

  • Send The Right Message

    Send The Right Message is a campaign of the LGBTQ Youth Initiative. Their goal is to encourage straight and cisgender youth to challenge every day instances of homophobia, biphobia and transphobia. This website is also a wonderful tool for folks within the LGBT2SQ+ community to become allies with other gender identities and sexual orientations different than their own. Check it out!