Counselling Intake is Currently Open

Our counselling intake is currently open:

If you are unable to fill out this form please call Bryce at 204-474-0212 ext. 201 between 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM Monday - Thursday or email Ze will take down your information and a counsellor will follow up with you directly to assist you in your intake application.

The Rainbow Resource Centre provides free short-term counselling (up to 12 sessions) and single-sessions to 2SLGBTQ+ people and their partners, parents, or families. Everyone’s experience of being 2SLGBTQ+ is unique and so the supports required are not the same for everyone. There may be times when we feel it is in the best interest of everyone involved to make an external referral. The counsellors are happy to discuss this with you and strategize about accessing services at other agencies and organizations.

We understand that not everyone has equal access to services and that historically and presently, many population groups have been underserved. We strive to remove barriers by making our intake process equitable. We have identified six population groups who we will be prioritizing in our triaging process, including those who:

  • Identify as Black, Indigenous and/or a person of colour
  • Are a person with a disability
  • Are residing in a rural or Northern community
  • Are a youth (aged 21 and under)
  • Are an older adult (aged 55±)
  • Are financially insecure (e.g. little/no expendable income, difficulty paying for basic needs such as housing/rent, medications and groceries, etc.)

For more information about our Counselling Services, please visit our website at: