Roberta Bishop

Roberta Bishop

Roberta has an eclectic list of tasks and responsibilities and things that keep her busy.  A lot has to do with the physicality of the Centre: overseeing technical infrastructure systems including computers, printers, mobile devices, phones, internet connectivity; liaising with vendors and suppliers, including the landlord around building issues and parking spaces; generally ensuring smooth operations of the Rainbow Resource Centre.    

Roberta has a B.A., B.Ed., P.B.C.E. She started with Rainbow Resource Centre early in the new century providing technical support and came on staff in 2013. An educator by background, having taught pre-school to post-secondary in three provinces, she does have a couple of decades business experience in both the private and public sectors.  An assortment of jobs and lifetime career stepping stones have earned her natural silver hair highlights. With strong Maritime roots, and years overseas, she is proud to call Manitoba home. 

An active community volunteer, she is currently contributing her skills to the International Children’s Festival (a.k.a. Kids Fest), Vision Quest Conferences, TREC (Translating Research in Elder Care) VOICES, the Vestry at St. Luke’s Church, and Over the Rainbow at Rainbow Resource Centre.

Her wife says she is fun to be with and yes, she does have her quirks. She has an inordinate knack of misplacing her phone/keys/wallet and needs to search for them… and of course finding them in the last place she looks! And while looking for them, she is frequently delighted by finding other things she’d forgotten she had! Thank goodness Craig reminds her of her checklist at end of day huddle! 

Roberta finds it truly a joy to come to work each day, both professionally and personally. The team is super… and so knowledgeable about so many things. We live in a challenging world and together we are making a difference by supporting individuals on their unique journeys and the larger community. She is learning every day – and knows that others are too!