Purge (Fringe Festival 2019)

  • Saturday, July 20, 2019
  • 5:00pm – 6:00pm
  • Fringe Venue #4 - RIO (formerly the Globe Theatre)
  • 393 Portage Ave, Winnipeg
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“What would you be willing to give up, in order to survive?”

Purge is the story of Connie (short for Constance). Join her as she explores her lifelong struggle to live her truth as a transgender woman, when she finds herself at a crossroad that challenges her entire understanding of identity and self.

Written by Ellie Caslake
Directed by Lindsay Johnson
Produced by Geritheatrics Theatre Productions
Winner of the 2019 Winnipeg Fringe Festival New Play Contest

Starring Ellie Caslake as Connie.
With appearances by Brian Richardson, Cheryl Soluk, Kelsey Funk and Tanner Manson.

We thank Rainbow Resource Centre for their support of this production. 1/3rd of our Box Office receipts from our opening performance on Thursday, July 18th at 3:30pm will be donated to Rainbow Resource Centre in recognition of the love and compassion they share with everyone in our 2SLGBTQ+ Community.

Content Warning: Play addresses instances of transphobia, past and present trauma and sexual assault. May contain triggering material.

Performance Dates:
Thursday, July 18th - 3:30 PM
Saturday, July 20th - 5:00 PM
Sunday, July 21st - 9:00 PM
Tuesday, July 23rd - 12:00 PM
Thursday, July 25th - 5:15 PM
Friday, July 26th - 8:15 PM
Saturday, July 27th - 7:00 PM

Duration: 1 hr

Ticket Prices:
$12, cash only at door.
$10 discount at door for seniors, and for weekday Matinees.

Tickets are also available in advance at the Winnipeg Fringe Festival website:

Accessibility, Parking and Washrooms:

Accessible doorways to Portage Place are located at the main entrance, the entrances on either side of Staples, the food court and the back entrance, which can be reached by going down Edmonton to the Promenade.

There are three elevators on site. The two next to the back entrance (by the escalators) will get you closest to Venue 4, where Purge is playing. The venue will.have accessible seating.

There are washrooms available near the food court on the main floor, on the third floor across from Venue 4 and one in the Venue itself. The main and third floor washrooms both have accessible stalls. The venue has a family washroom available.

There is parking available at the Promenade & Edmonton by the back entrance. Parking is $4 every hour, $13 max. Pricing is subject to change during the evening.

Portage Place also has underground parking available. Pricing is $2 every half hour, $13 max. Pricing is subject to change during the evening.

There are 3 elevators in the underground parking lot labeled A, B and C. They are clearly labeled and can be found near the hanging “Pay For Parking” signs. 

Accessible parking is available by Elevators A and C. Elevator A will get you closest to the venue.