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The Two Spirit, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer + (2SLGBTQ+) Affirmation, Inclusion, & Awareness eLearning course, offered by Winnipeg’s Rainbow Resource Centre in partnership with Neovation Learning Solutions, is a gateway to understanding the complex nature of the sexual and gender minority experience. Explore the historical, cultural, biological and systemic intersections of Canada’s 2SLGBTQ+ people and discover ways to be more inclusive in the work you do and the life you lead.

The eLearning course is perfect for teams of all sizes, and can be combined with personalized, in-person or virtual Q&A sessions with our education coordinators, and be part of a more holistic, ongoing approach to DEI education in your workplace.

About the course

Rainbow’s 2SLGBTQ+ Affirmation, Inclusion, & Awareness eLearning course is a perfect way to access an understanding of the language that describes sexual and gender minority biology and culture, while digging deeper into the difficult challenges 2SLGBTQ+ people face in society, and then to help you develop simple strategies to ensure your workplace and the way you interact with 2SLGBTQ+ people is inclusive and affirming.

Based on Rainbow Resource Centre’s successful in-person seminars — built upon decades of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) training to businesses, healthcare providers, and schools — this self-guided three-module course offers a unique opportunity to understand 2SLGBTQ+ experiences and culture, a chance to contemplate current issues the community faces, and promotes empathetic solutions for your workplace and community.

Inside the course, you’ll find:

  • Module 1: Sex-Assigned at Birth, Gender Identity, Pronouns, Attraction, and Culture
  • Module 2: Culture and Systems of Oppression
  • Module 3: Understanding Intersectionality and Leveraging Your Privilege to Create Safer Spaces

After completing your purchase of Rainbow’s Affirmation, Inclusion, & Awareness eLearning course, our team will grant you and your team access to all three modules in two business days. At that time, explore the material at your own pace. We encourage you to approach this course with an open mind and a commitment to deepening your understanding of 2SLGBTQ+ experiences in Canada and in a global context.

Course Instructor

Bre Headshot

Bre Calma, B.A., B.Ed., CCIP, Certified Sexual Health Educator
Training and Education Coordinator, Rainbow Resource Centre

Bre Calma (they/them) is a non-binary Queer who lives and works in the territories of the Anishinaabeg, Cree, Dakota, Dene, Métis, and Oji-Cree Nations. Bre joined Rainbow Resource Centre in 2021 as the Training and Education Coordinator. They are passionate about the impact education can have on people of all ages. Bre holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Education from the University of Winnipeg, a Graduate Certificate in Sexual Health Education from the University of Alberta, and is a Canadian Certified Inclusion Professional (CCIP).


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Course Details

Delivery Format

Online (asynchronous, self-directed)

Record of Completion

Printable certificate as a PDF file is issued upon completion of the course.

Transferable Course Credit

This course does not have a transfer credit.

Course Cost
Course Level


Completion Requirements

2-3 hours, at your own pace, includes activities, contemplation, and knowledge checks (must receive 80% to pass).


All material is available in the course and no textbooks are required.

Learning Outcomes

Sex-Assigned at Birth, Gender Identity, Pronouns, and Attraction

  • Gain an introductory understanding of the fundamental language, terms, and grammar that are commonly used when discussing 2SLGBTQ+ people and experiences.
  • Test your knowledge of how to use inclusive language in new ways while getting a closer look at the diversity within the 2SLGBTQ+ community.

Culture & Systems of Oppression

  • Develop greater familiarity with the ways culture intersects with sexual and gender identities, such as Two-Spirited Peoples, while understanding how systems of oppression, like colonialism and racism, have negatively shaped their experiences.
  • Take a broader look at the global impact of systems of oppression on 2SLGBTQ+ people in various countries, while understanding how it is we’ve arrived where we are today in Canada.

Understanding Intersectionality and Leveraging Your Privilege to Create Safer Spaces

  • Acknowledge and leverage areas of privilege.
  • Develop tools and skills to create safer spaces for 2SLGBTQ+ people.

Purchasing Details

Rainbow’s eLearning course can be delivered to you and your team the way you need it. Take the course directly on our SmarterU learning management system, or purchase a SCORM file license to integrate with your learning management system. Either way, it’s time to join us for a transformational learning experience.

Our User-Friendly LMS

Dive into the course content effortlessly on Rainbow’s intuitive LMS, SmarterU. It’s designed to provide you with a straightforward, hassle-free learning environment, making your educational journey a breeze. Purchasing more than one license at a time? We require a spreadsheet (CSV or Excel) with the first name, last name, and unique email of each user. For more information, contact education@rainbowresourcecentre.org.

Your Company's LMS

If you prefer to integrate the course into your existing Learning Management System, we fully support it. Our course can seamlessly slot into your organization's LMS, allowing for a cohesive and unified learning experience for your team. To learn more, contact us: education@rainbowresourcecentre.org. This option is reserved for large group / whole staff registrations. Individual users should choose the take the course on Rainbow's user-friendly LMS.

Simply choose the number of licenses you require and proceed to our secure Stripe payment processing page. We’re committed to offering flexible solutions for your educational needs, making learning accessible and convenient for you!

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Holistic DEI training options

At Rainbow, we know eLearning is only part of a DEI strategy. We also recognize the important role storytelling and the ability to ask questions play in maximizing your DEI learning. eLearning is great for reaching teams where they’re at, so they can learn at their own pace.

Your 2SLGBTQ+ inclusion learning doesn’t stop with eLearning, it starts with it.

We encourage you to include eLearning as part of a holistic, ongoing DEI strategy that involves all staff—especially frontline staff who work most closely with 2SLGBTQ+ people. That way you can prioritize in-person learning for those who need a higher level of consultation, such as your leadership team or champions of inclusive strategies.

To ensure your teams and clients receive the full benefits of a 2SLGBTQ+ inclusive DEI strategy, be sure to:

  • Book a virtual or in-person Q&A session for your leadership team – learn more here
  • Book a virtual or in-person Q&A session for your DEI champions – learn more here
  • Book a bespoke session, tailored to your unique situation – learn more here

FAQ and Assistance

Questions about the course?

Email education@rainbowresourcecentre.org with any questions and for assistance.

Need technical assistance?

Our RRC Staff is available Monday to Friday 9 am - 4 pm CT. Email us at education@rainbowrecoursecentre.org.

How is the course delivered?

There are two delivery options:

Option 1 – Through SmarterU Learning Management System

During checkout, in the “Type of hosting for the course” dropdown, choose Hosted in SmarterU. After you purchase the course, our Staff will contact you to provide instructions to log in to the course. (If this is for multiple learners, we will need a .CSV file with the first name, last name, and unique email address of each learner.)

Option 2 – Licensing for your own LMS (SCORM or xAPI-compatible)

In the “Type of hosting for the course” dropdown, choose Hosted in Your own LMS. After you purchase the course, our Staff will contact you to provide instructions to install the course and licenses in your SCORM or xAPI-compatible LMS.

How do I log in to take the course from Neovation’s LMS?

Go to https://rainbowresourcecentre.smarteru.com/ and log in with the provided username and password.

Who do I contact if I have questions about the eLearning course?

If you have any questions regarding course content, DEI strategy building, or Rainbow Resource Centre’s workshops, please contact education@rainbowresourcecentre.org.

Territorial Acknowledgement

Rainbow Resource Centre’s staff live and work on Treaty 1 territory, the ancestral lands of the Anishinaabeg, Anishininewuk Dakota Oyate, Denesuline, and Nehethowuk Nations; and we acknowledge that we are located on the homeland of the Red River Métis Nation.

We respect the treaties that were made on this land, including Treaty 3 territory which provides with water, and Treaty 5 which provides our electricity.

We acknowledge the harms and mistakes of the past and dedicate ourselves to moving forward in partnership with Indigenous & Two-Spirited communities in a spirit of reconciliation and collaboration.