Muhammad Ahsan

Muhammad Ahsan

Muhammad acts as a change agent and is a seasoned facilitator on challenging corporate and social development sector assignments. He is a strong believer that organizations succeed through “diversity and synergy”. He aims to ignite passion through his exuberance, energy and enthusiasm.

He has fifteen years of experience as Right Activist, Public Speaker, and Presenter including eight years of research, design, development, and implementation of training programs, workshop facilitation, post-secondary teaching, and adult education. He commenced his training journey internationally in 2006 and since then has facilitated a wide variety of learning interventions and policy consulting assignments, such as: diversity management, team building, leadership retreats, and conferences with numerous clients worldwide (Conference Board of Canada, U.S. State Department, U.K.-Aid, European Union, and British Council).

He has a master’s degree with double majors in Human Resource Management and Marketing. He also has certificates in training, facilitation, strategic quality management, and adult education.

With active involvement as Human Rights Activist, he always looks out for opportunity to work with faith-based communities on areas like acceptance and inclusion.  

Muhammad is an enthusiastic learner, will never settle for mediocrity, and enjoys gaining knowledge through academic endeavors and practical experiences. His motto: “Learn, Achieve, and Excel”. Interests include traveling, reading, and community work.

He loves being part of a mission that is making a difference in the community, and that everyone cares and has the freedom to think outside the box.