Lauren Barbara Checkley

Lauren Checkley

Lauren Barbara Checkley (she/her pronouns) is the Programming Coordinator at Rainbow Resource Centre, responsible for empowering the Centre’s social support groups, working groups, and volunteers. She is working hard to foster connection and build capacity within the community of folks accessing support here at Rainbow.

She is a graduate from the University of Winnipeg, with a background in Women’s and Gender Studies, Human Resources, Marketing, and Indigenous Studies.

She is passionate about intersectional feminism, accessibility, mental health, and the cultural resurgence of Indigenous Canadians.

Some fun facts about Lauren:

  • She never misses a fireworks show in Winnipeg – even if she has no one to go with and watch serenely from the front seat of a parked car.
  • Her ultimate pump-up song is Salt n’ Peppa’s None of Your Business as a result of Sandra Bullock’s iconic role in the millennium classic, Miss Congeniality.
  • Her ADHD wiring enables her to think creatively and feel intensely, though it makes returning voicemails and being on time a MONUMENTAL feat.
  • She’s marrying a brilliant writer & artist that you haven’t heard of yet. She has a cat named Nacho and a hamster named Chandler, because Boston Pizza commercials are commonly integrated within Friends re-runs.
  • She works hardest for patient, empathetic, and open-minded people, and Type A personalities hate her well-intentioned guts.

Lauren feels so fortunate to work with LGBT2SQ+ people who are living through the most authentic, liberating times of their lives—they have a particular sparkle and lightness that she finds profoundly inspiring. She is intrinsically drawn to queer people—in many respects—who thrive against the grain and stand for something or for someone. There is something especially fulfilling about getting to know these fascinating people at this time in their journey, when they are finally granted the opportunity to reach their full potential as contributing and healthy citizens of this province; when they are surrounded by a community that is prideful of its diverse sexual, cultural, spiritual, and gender identities and finds strength in its wide range of ages, abilities and perspectives. She will gratefully continue working to ensure the barriers to their personal and professional development are rightfully lessened, or extinguished; in other words, treasure hunting.