Ellie Caslake

Ellie 2

Ellie Caslake is Older Adult Program Coordinator, Over the Rainbow - Rainbow Resource Centre. She came to the Centre in 2009 during her first tentative steps toward coming out. Recently, she reached a crossroad when she spoke to her family and friends, receiving incredible acceptance.

Ellie has worked in Older Adult Social Support & Recreational Programming; Community Development & Revitalization; Non-Profit & Charities Fund Development; Community Outreach; Print & Online Media; Financial Management & Tax Planning; Adult Education; and, Written & Performing Arts, in particular, Theatre & Film. Her passion for dialogue, love of her craft, and a childlike enthusiasm for storytelling have taken her on many exciting journeys.

Now, in 2018, Ellie feels privileged to join the team at Rainbow Resource Centre, to share her experiences and the gifts each of us carry along this path we walk together.